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Akari no Mori  Project

Akari no Mori Project

“Akari no Mori Project”
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What is Akari no Mori Project?

We have launched “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” that promotes clean energy and preserves the bounty of the forest, aiming to achieve the SDGs Goal 15 “”Life on Land”” for a sustainable future.
In addition, we also mitigate environmental impacts by promoting clean energy and forest conservation activities to work on reconciliation/adaptation measures against climate change, and enhance resilience to disasters by actively supporting the creation of forests with high disaster prevention functions, towards the achievement of SDGs Goal 13 “Climate Action”.

Action plan for the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”
  • 1.Create a cycle preserving the bounty of the forest as we use more clean energy, and prevent global warming by spreading environment-friendly electricity nationwide.
  • 2.Collaborate with local governments and NPOs to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving rich nature.
  • 3.Develop a flourishing forest and a glimmering firefly village through our activities.

Akari no Mori Project Activity report

Read the articles about our activities for promoting clean energy and forest conservation.

About project plan

“You will be required to subscribe to the plan below and pay the project fee of JPY 0.01/kWh for the monthly power consumption. We will compensate by paying the same amount. *Scheduled to be on sale in April 2021.”

Emission coefficient (kg-co2/kWh) Target companies
0.000 *Those who want to use electricity with substantially 100% renewable energy
*A menu with added value featured by zero CO2 emission using non-fossil certificates, etc.
0.290 Those who want to use electricity with low environemntal impact

*This option offers an adjustment of the CO2 emission coefficient of regular SINANEN Electricity by using a non-fossil certificate or J-credit.
*The emission coefficient-based menu has undergone a third-party verification conducted by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).

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