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Cutting electricity charges

SINANEN Electricity gives proposals to cut electricity charges that can be made only by changing the electricity provider. The proposals have been benefited many factories, offices, stores, and other corporate bodies as well as government offices and local governments. Electricity will be supplied using the existing power grid of the former general electric utility, so that you can continuously use electricity with the same quality and stability.

What makes customers choose SINANEN Denki?

TIPS 1: Being a comprehensive energy company for over 90 years

SINANEN HOLDINGS Group has “trust” and “achievement” as a company that has been engaged in the energy business for over 90 years.

TIPS 2: Stable power supply system and variety price menus

The power supply system is eco-friendly, affordable, and stable.

■ Solar power plants owned by group companies
We are working to develop and secure eco-friendly power sources.

■ Stable power source system
Mix base power sources such as thermal power in order to supplement the vulnerability of natural energy.

■ Proposals from a variety of price menus
We propose the most suitable electricity charge option according to the customer’s business and usage status of electricity. Customers who want to cut electricity charges can choose the market-linked menu where they can purchase electricity at the price of the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX), while those who want green electricity can choose the eco-friendly emission coefficient-based menu.
*Some options are under preparation. Please contact us for details.

See here for the price of Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX).

TIPS 3: Wide coverage of area

Except for some areas, we can supply to any part of the country. Customers with nationwide bases will be safely covered by our network.
*Areas not covered: Hokkaido, Shikoku, Okinawa, and other remote islands

TIPS 4: Enriched eco-friendly menus

The emission coefficient-based menu is available according to your needs. We provide you with even more eco-friendly, safe, and optimal electricity.
Please ask us separately about the fees for the green menus.

TIPS 5: Full after-sales service

■ Monthly report
Usage of electricity will be visible with the monthly invoices and reports. *This service is for customers of high-voltage electricity.

■ Customer portal
Customer portal
*Downloading the 30-minute usage data is a service for customers of high-voltage electricity.