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Renewable Energy Business

Promotion of wind power

Active development of power generation business using renewable energy both in Japan and overseas. In March 2019, we established a local subsidiary in South Korea (SINANEN KOREA CO., LTD.) to develop a large-scale onshore wind farm of 100 MW class in South Korea. In addition to wind power, we will also promote other renewable energy mainly in Asia.

Manufacture and sale of Winr Power Station

Highly efficient power generation, safety, and quietness are achieved by adopting a blade developed based on our own theory. The system can be installed in town and urban areas, where it had been difficult due to problems with power generation efficiency and noise. For devices for BCP or RE100 measures of local or government agencies.

Solar power generation

Development, construction, and sale of solar power generation equipment
The solar power generation system has been confirmed to be safe and is one of the most familiar renewable energies. We are developing, constructing, and selling mega solar power plants nationwide as well as the option of our original maintenance service. Please feel free to contact us from the “Contact Form” below if you are interested in power generation business or self-ownership of power generation equipment.

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Operation of solar power plants

Power generation business that utilizes our own mega solar power plant. We contribute to the promotion of renewable energy and the realization of a carbon-free society through six domestic solar power companies (SPCs).

Solar power maintenance

Maintenance services for home-based and industrial solar power generation systems to achieve stable operation. Utilizing our unique know-how obtained in having been engaged in solar power generation since its startup phase, we will protect customers’ valuable assets.

・Maintenance of home-based solar power generation systems
・Maintenance of industrial solar power generation systems
・Drone inspection of high-voltage power plants

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Sale of “OHISAMA CAR Roof®”

Sale of the carport-type solar power generation system “OHISAMA CAR Roof®”.
You can use the free space in the carport to generate electricity in your garden. We provide the whole service including post-installation maintenance and compensation for natural disasters.

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