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Oil & Gas Business

Domestic oil sales

Stable supply of oil to our corporate customers nationwide, such as factories, offices, stores, and service stations, while balancing supply and cost with the ability to make proposals as an oil professional and the energy bases established in each region.

Available oil types:
Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil

LPG sales

Stably deliver LPG to industrial consumers all over Japan in cooperation with transportation companies and utilizing connections with major domestic wholesalers and specialized trading companies.

Available oil types:
Propane, butane, mixed butane, odorless butane, autogas, LNG

Industrial gas retailer for factories, autogas stations, LPG business owners

SINANEN oil square / kerosene center

Operate 81 oil squares and kerosene centers nationwide, which have supported the stable supply of kerosene, the main energy in winter, from the aspect of logistics. SINANEN Oil Square is equipped with tanks for diesel and fuel oil, aiming to be a disaster-resistant fuel supply facility that meets the increasing construction demands. SINANEN Oil Square / Kerosene Center plays a part in regional logistics and benefits everyone through improved logistics efficiency and cost-cutting by shortening the delivery time.

Kerosene home delivery

In recent years, the needs for kerosene home delivery have been increasing due to changes in the social environment. However, a large amount of investment (vehicles, personnel, etc.) is required to start a new kerosene delivery business, and one must have stocks (stockpiling) to ensure a stable supply. Our “SINANEN Kerosene Support System” solves the issues of entering the business by acting on behalf of or supporting the kerosene delivery business in (1) the delivery of kerosene, (2) delivery management, and (3) sales and performance management.

BCP support

Initiatives for the BCP measures for securing fuel in the event of a disaster or emergency, where the needs have increased in recent years. Utilizing our oil squares and kerosene centers nationwide, we are developing stockpiling of fuel in preparation for disasters and emergency events.

Supporting Gas Station

Operational support for service stations
We work with service station owners to solve issues such as lack of successors and inheritance, and to propose sales promotion and customer attraction events.

Training, competitions, membership alliances, information provision
Organize our own service station organization. Organize test run events and presentations/workshops of new products by tire manufacturers. Organize CS competitions among the members of the organization to support quality improvement of car wash, oil, tires, and vehicle inspection.


Actively work on business inheritance through our wholly-owned subsidiary SINANEN Oil.

Efforts at directly managed subsidiaries, knowledge sharing
In addition to organizing events jointly between service station owners and SINANEN Oil, we support operations of service station owners by sharing with them the business development and know-how cultivated at our directly managed subsidiaries in automobile-related businesses such as vehicle inspections and sales.

Fuel Oil Ships

Our marine team has been providing bunker oil to domestic and global customers for over 30 years. The business field has expanded to all global ports in recent years as well as those in Japan. We provide a “one-stop service” of bunker oil and lubricating oil by specialists, and make full use of our global sales network to propose the “optimal refueling port”.

Available oil types:
For ocean-going vessels and coastal vessels
(1) Diesel, A fuel oil, C fuel oil
(2) Lubricating oil for marine vessels
(3) Quality stabilizers such as sludge dispersants



As a business owner, “retirement” will not be your goal and you have to be “active throughout your life”. However, due to the sudden changes in the industry environment in recent years, more business owners are considering transferring/selling their oil business, in view of future potential, their own health, successor problems, etc. We have a system in place to consult with you on such issues. The content of the consultation and your personal information are handled with care as confidential. Please feel free to contact us from the “Contact Form” below if you are considering transferring/selling your oil business.

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