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SINANEN is a supporting member of RE100, etc. Participating in the “Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership” as a supporting member.

~ Contributing to the realization of a sustainable carbon-free society through energy supply ~


As a supporting member, SINANEN CO., LTD, (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takashi Yasuda; hereinafter referred to as “SINANEN”), which provides energy solutions for corporations, has joined the Japan Climate Leaders’ Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “JCLP”), which supports the participation of Japanese companies interested in the international corporate initiatives RE100, EP100 and EV100*.

Amid the trend of measures against global warming, the international corporate initiative “RE100” (Renewable Energy 100%) aims to procure 100% renewable energy by 2050 for the energy consumed by corporate business activities.

In the electricity sales business of SINANEN, “J-Credits”, derived from renewable energy and energy conservation, were started from FY2018. Utilizing non-fossil fuel certificates, we are developing an “environmentally friendly CO2 emission factor-based menu” for the purpose of environmental protection, and an “RE100 compatible menu” with 100% real renewable energy utilizing non-fossil fuel certificates with tracking. In addition, with regards to the CO2 emission factor, we have received third-party verification by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA), and an authorized certificate has been issued.

In the “Balancing Group” as well (hereinafter referred to as “BG”), which provides to retail electric utilities, it is possible to purchase “J-Credits” in bulk to reduce the CO2 emission factor and provide it to the desired company, with the aim of reducing the CO2 emission factor of all BG participating companies.

Takashi Yasuda, the president & CEO of SINANEN CO., LTD., made the following statement.
“With regards to our joining JCLP, in the midst of the global trend toward a carbon-free society, Japan is also under pressure to reform its energy sources, and as a company that provides energy, it shows our determination to further strengthen our renewable energy business. In addition to expanding sales of the existing energy business, we will continue to take on various challenges in the renewable energy business with the aim of realizing a sustainable carbon-free society. In the future, we will provide the energy solutions that our customers demand with a view to shifting renewable energy to become the main axis of our business.”

*RE100 : A collaborative initiative that commits to 100% renewable energy for electricity used by businesses.

EP100 : An international business initiative in which companies participate with the goal of doubling the energy efficiency of their businesses (improving energy conservation efficiency by 50%, etc.)
EV100 : An international business initiative that aims to promote the use of electric vehicles by companies to improve the environment.

SINANEN CO., LTD. is an energy service company for corporate clients within the SINANEN HOLDINGS Group. We are developing a wide range of businesses such as petroleum product sales, renewable energy investment, electricity sales and solar power maintenance. Looking to the future, we are developing a business for a new type of micro wind turbine power generation equipment that can be installed in urban areas, are participating in a large-scale wind power generation business in South Korea, and are developing a social contribution-type environmental energy business.

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