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Clean Power Plan for households from SINANEN

“SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” (SINANEN Light Forest Electric) aims to achieve the SDGs Cinnamoroll is appointed as the support captain! The new Sanrio character “Poponen” also appears!


SINANEN CO., LTD, (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Takashi Yasuda; hereinafter referred to as “SINANEN”), which provides energy solutions for corporations, will start offering the clean power plan “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” to households from March 2021 as the main business of the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Project” (hereinafter referred to as the “Akari no Mori Project”), which started in November 2020.

In addition, Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Sanrio”) is supporting the initiative related to the Akari no Mori Project for the realization of a sustainable future as one of SINANEN’s efforts to reach a carbon-free society. Sanrio character Cinnamoroll has been appointed as the support captain of “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”, and the otter boy “Poponen” has been newly created by Sanrio for SINANEN as an original character to be the watchman of Akari no Mori.

Cinnamoroll is appointed as the support captain of “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”

Cinnamoroll, a popular character who won 1st place in the “2020 Sanrio Character Awards”, has been appointed as the support captain for “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”, which is a clean power plan for households. Cinnamoroll will also appear in the activities of the Akari no Mori Project that SINANEN will carry out in the future, and will support spreading “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” and clean energy to the world.



Introducing the original character “Poponen” that saves the earth

“Poponen”, created by Sanrio for SINANEN as an original character, will also appear. “Poponen”, who appears as the watchman of Akari no Mori, is an otter boy from the future who has come to spread the use of clean energy.
Through “Poponen”, SINANEN will communicate the importance of protecting and preserving the richness of nature, and will work on educational activities.


● Profile of “Poponen”, the watchman of Akari no Mori

He is an otter boy who met Cinnamoroll at the “Akari no Mori”, a mysterious forest created by the human race in the far future where electricity and nature coexist.
He came from the future to spread clean energy.
Bright and energetic, he has rich facial expressions whether crying or laughing.
While he responds with a unique way of speaking, he is warmhearted and honest.
His most attractive features are his puffy cheeks and pants made of leaves.


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● The “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” website where you can learn and play together with “Poponen”

The “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” website will open on December 2nd (Wednesday), where you can learn and play together with the new character “Poponen”.
With regards to clean energy, we have prepared a lot of content such participating in a quiz with cute characters, and putting character stamps on photos. In addition, to commemorate the opening of the site, we are holding a photo posting campaign. Please try to learn about energy with your family.

Web Site


▲ Storyboard ▲ Quiz Challenge


▲ Fluffy Photo Posting Campaign ▲ Campaign Prizes

● Introduction to the Akari no Mori Project

Aiming to achieve Goal 7 of the SDGs (“clean energy for all”), and in order to realize energy services that match the times, this is a project launched by SINANEN, which has provided environmentally friendly electricity with low CO2 or zero CO2 emissions. Towards the realization of a more sustainable future, it aims to achieve Goal 15 of the SDGs (“protecting the richness of the land”), and aims to achieve Goal 13 (“specific measures against climate change”) by implementing these activities. Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, we will create a loop that protects the richness of the forests the more we use clean energy, and will work to prevent global warming by offering environmentally friendly electricity nationwide.


▪ Overview
In addition to the environmentally friendly price menu for corporations that we currently sell, we will start selling “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”, a household power source that uses 100% real renewable energy. In addition, for each plan subscriber (if they agree with the corporate version), for the monthly electricity usage, a project fee of 0.01 yen / kWh (tax included) in the case of the corporate menu, and 0.1 yen / kWh (tax included) in the case of the household “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” will be charged at the same time, and SINANEN will also have an activity charge. With the activity charge as a source of funds collected from the increasing use of these clean energies, we will carry out environmental protection activities in collaboration with local governments and NPOs, and activities to convey the importance of protecting the future of the earth.

▪ Details of the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki Plan Supported by Cinnamoroll”
As we start sales of “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” for households, ahead of the regular version of “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”, we will be selling a special plan supported by Cinnamoroll, who has been appointed as the support captain. Except for Okinawa Prefecture and some remote islands, it will be sold nationwide. For the electricity charges, it will be a bargain menu with the usage charge unit price discounted by 3% to 10% compared to the usage charge menu of the former general electric power company in the jurisdiction. For the environmentally friendly activities, we will charge additionally as follows: “CO2 emission menu 0.0 fee: 1.43 yen / kWh (tax included)”, “Akari no Mori Project fee 0.1 yen / kWh” (tax included), and to join the special plan supported by Cinnamoroll – “Supporters fee: 200 yen, 500 yen or 1,000 yen (top supporters plan, middle supporters plan or light supporters plan in that order for each month per contract, tax included)”. While holding down the usual electricity fees, it is a satisfactory menu structure that clarifies the purpose and reason for paying each other cost.
In addition, as a subscriber benefit for the plan supported by Cinnamoroll, we will give a gift every year for each plan, such as a supporters badge, an Akari no Mori original life-sized Cinnamoroll stuffed toy, and Cinnamoroll support rights at an Akari no Mori event where Cinnamoroll and Poponen appear. For details, please see the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” website.

▪ Plan details for “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki”
The regular version of “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” is scheduled to be sold from the summer of 2021 excluding the supporters fee and benefits within the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki supported by Cinnamoroll”. Detailed information will be disclosed on the SINANEN Akari no Mori website and the SINANEN website.

The Akari no Mori Project aims to protect the richness of the forests and to prevent global warming by using clean energy. Through this project, we will collaborate with local governments and NPOs to plant trees and protect forests, and work to create rich forests in order to prevent global warming. We have currently selected the following as places the project will support: “Michino Station Yamba Museum” in Gunma Prefecture, the NPO “Grow Green in Ashio” in Tochigi Prefecture through the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization, and the “Silva Association” in Kanagawa Prefecture.
The details of our activities will be regularly reported on the “SINANEN Akari no Mori Denki” website.


SINANEN CO., LTD. is an energy service company for corporate clients within the SINANEN HOLDINGS Group. We are developing a wide range of businesses such as petroleum product sales, renewable energy investment, electricity sales and solar power maintenance. Towards the realization of a carbon-free society in the future, we are developing a business for a new type of micro wind turbine power generation equipment that can be installed in urban areas, are participating in a large-scale wind power generation business in South Korea, and plan to develop a social contribution-type environmental energy business.

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