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LED Lights

Proposing LED lights
for energy-saving

Lighting equipment accounts for even 40% of the total energy consumption of the facility and is cost-effective when it is renewed. However, replacing with LED lights from the viewpoint of energy saving only may spoil necessary functions such as brightness and color rendering property. We propose LED lights that can be expected to have the optimal energy-saving effect, taking into consideration the quality of lighting required for each facility.

Prohibition of manufacturing, importing, and selling mercury-containing products

Under the Minamata Convention on Mercury adopted in October 2013, the manufacture, import, and export of products containing mercury are basically prohibited after 2020. Early replacement is recommended as the major manufacturers have already discontinued the manufacturing of fluorescent lighting equipment.

Dramatic cutting of electricity charges with SINANEN Denki + LED

TIPS 1: Cutting electricity charges
In addition to the usage charges that can be cut by LED, the basic charges that cannot be covered by LED can be cut as well by using SINANEN Denki.

TIPS 2: Going more eco-friendly with SINANEN Electricity
We can propose our original eco-friendly plan with zero CO2 emission by combining SINANEN Denki and LED as well as an overall cutting plan of electricity charges.

TIPS 3: Substantially-free introduction plan
By using a lease to cover the cost for LED introduction (including construction fees) with the cut amount of electricity charges, it is possible to introduce LED lights with no initial cost. The contract can be transferred free of charge after the expiration of the contract period by concluding a special contract without re-leasing.
*We will introduce our affiliated leasing company when you use the plan.

Flow of LED / lighting equipment introduction

We will present an approximate price simulation after getting the information disclosed by the customer. The final quotation will be submitted after the on-site survey with the contractor.