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Examples of Improvement

Factory – LED lights


  • ・Obtained a subsidy of about JPY 5 million for their three bases.
  • ・Changed subsidies for each base for better proposals to meet customer’s needs.
  • ・Selected LED lights to manage in the high-temperature environment that was a concern.

■Started considering as facing the 2020 issue of mercury lamp

This issue was under consideration in the company before 2020, because they had about 270 mercury lamps in total at all bases. As we were already selling them LPG, we also received an inquiry about LED lights and made a proposal for replacement.

■Factory environment: High temperature, dust, oil-resistant smoke…

This company is engaged in foundry and casting, so the factory environment was so tough for the selection of LED equipment due to high temperature, dust, and oil-resistant smoke. We arranged equipment that temporarily withstands 80 °C (with conditions) in some areas, and selected equipment that withstands up to 60 °C even in a normal environment. Furthermore, since the existing equipment was hung along the inclination of the roof, we made a proposal in consideration of the load.

■Set aside cut electricity charges for the introduction cost

The company was considering introducing by leasing or rental. Based on our explanation of each characteristic, they finally decided to introduce by free transfer leasing from our affiliated leasing company. In both cases, the equipment will belong to the customer after the leasing period is expired. However, as the rental includes maintenance, the introduction cost and rental rate tend to increase. It is possible to avoid such troubles and introduce at a low cost in the case of using SINANEN’s affiliated manufacturer or a construction company.

Warehouse – Solar power + Electricity


  • ・Realized long-planned captive consumption of solar power. Cut 15% of electricity consumption by shifting to captive consumption.
  • ・Combination with SINANEN Electricity became a great boost to the introduction.

■Long-planned captive consumption of solar power

The company had been interested in solar power generation and storage batteries. We took the opportunity to propose SINANEN Electricity while they were about to consider the introduction of solar power.

■The strong sea breeze was a concern

We worried whether the panel and the stand withstand in an environment with strong sea breeze. We made a proposal, considering the waterproofing of the flat roof of the company and devising the way to assemble the stand. The company’s concern towards implementation was resolved by visiting another facility where similar stands were assembled.

■Proposed together with SINANEN Denki, which covers the cut basic charge!

Since captive consumption of solar power depends on the weather, the basic rate for electricity charges cannot be taken into account in the cost-cutting simulation (it may be cut depending on the usage status of the customer). By combining SINANEN Electricity, the introduction cost was cut by reviewing the present unit price for electricity charges and cutting the basic rate. It became a big boost to the company’s decision of capital investment.