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Solar Power for Captive Consumption

Solar power has become “usable” instead of the subject for “investment”.

Among other renewable energies, solar power generation has attracted attention due to the fixed purchase price system. However, as the purchase price has become lower in recent years, solar power generation for captive consumption (using generated power in own factories or stores) has been attracting attention as one of the energy-saving products.

Advantages of captive consumption solar power

Captive consumption of solar power has many benefits.

  • • Significant reduction in electricity usage
  • • Heat shielding effect
  • • Contribution to internal and external CSR
  • • Environmental appeal and BCP measures

What gives SINANEN an advantage?

TIPS 1: Cutting electricity charges
In addition to the usage charges that can be cut by captive consumption of solar power, the basic charges that cannot be covered by captive consumption can be cut as well by using SINANEN Denki.

TIPS 2: Going more eco-friendly with SINANEN Denki
We can propose our original eco-friendly plan with zero CO2 emission by combining SINANEN Denki and solar power captive consumption as well as an overall cutting plan of electricity charges.

TIPS 3: Safety
We propose the optimal design plan for each customer. As an example of our proposal, there is a plan using equipment that considers safety such as firefighting measures by mitigating power loss due to inconvenience between modules.

TIPS 4: Maintenance
“We, as a leading company for solar power maintenance, can also propose regular maintenance plan to keep you secured.

■ Before the output value drops…
It is important to take early preventive measures by conducting regular maintenance!

Flow of Cubicle repairs

We will present an approximate price simulation after getting the information disclosed by the customer. The final quotation will be submitted after the on-site survey with the contractor.