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SINANEN HOLDINGS Group will continue to grow with the society, aiming to be a more valuable company by fulfilling our social responsibilities in accordance with the three principles.

Three foundations


Shingi is the bedrock of our management. Requite people’s trust, value responsibilities, rectify the course of business, and make harmonious cooperation to promote the development of the company.


Shinsyu is the best practice of our sales activities. Keep going for ingenuity, know what people want, improve dignity, strive to develop products, serve society, and contribute to increasing company profit.


Rakugyo is the nature of our personnel. Enjoy belonging to and working at the company, and find comrades inside and outside the company to make the business prosperous.

Action plan for the “Akari no Mori Project”

  • 01 Create a cycle preserving the bounty of the forest as we use more clean energy, and prevent global warming by spreading environment-friendly electricity nationwide.
  • 02 Collaborate with local governments and NPOs to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and preserving rich nature.
  • 03 Develop a flourishing forest and a glimmering firefly village through our activities.

“Thank you as always”
essay contest

“This contest started in 2007, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary since SINANEN HOLDINGS Group was founded.
The essays are sent from elementary school students nationwide in response to the call promoting to “”express gratitude that is difficult to communicate orally””. This year, the contest will be the 14th time thanks to everyone’s support, like being used for the summer holiday homework at elementary schools around the world. More than 30,000 essays are sent every year and the total number of applications has exceeded 400,000.
SINANEN HOLDINGS Group values the bonds between people. This contest is to spread gratitude, the source of such bond, and support the gentle feelings and healthy growth of children.”