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Providing energy solutions for the next century and beyond

Founded in 1927 as a manufacturer/seller of solid fuel, SINANEN HOLDINGS Group has been providing customers with a reliable energy environment. As an expert in energy, we will keep making efforts to realize a carbon-free society and protect the global environment.

Gentle to environment

With a vision for tens and hundreds of years and beyond, we actively develop renewable energy initiatives toward a carbon-free society. Our mission is to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting clean energy consumption and being environmentally-conscious.

Keep challenging for changes

The energy industry has experienced repeated hard times where a change was unavoidable. We keep reforming the corporate culture of SINANEN HOLDINGS Group as a whole in order to respond to such changes. Every employee works on the job with a sense of independence, sharing ideas at free discussions to create new projects.

Responsible in stable supply

Energy is indispensable for people’s lives. We deem the energy supply as our responsibility and keep making efforts to accurately deliver according to the customers’ needs.

SINANEN is growing into a “world-leading comprehensive energy service provider”, aiming to contribute to society from the perspective of energy.

> Our CSR activities

SINANEN’s activities of supplying clean energy are to make future society sustainable.