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To the Future, to the World

Sinanen is evolving: exploring new business fields and expanding overseas as a Complete Energy Solution Company.

Sinanen Group has provided customers with a comfortable energy environment since its founding in 1927 as a manufacturer and distributor of briquette fuel. The current energy environment calls for improved comfort and environmental awareness on a global scale. We deliver comfortable, low-impact energy environments both in Japan and overseas and embrace the challenge of growing into a company with greater global reach. Sinanen believes that to provide customers even more comfortable energy environments, we must deliver our corporate customers solutions that include energy reduction, power conservation and disaster prevention to improve energy procurement, use and facilities. We will push the envelope on new energy environments to be the single source for complete energy solutions. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to newborn Sinanen as well as Sinanen group.

Masato Taguchi Chief Executive Officer Sinanen Co., Ltd.


  • 1. Provide corporate customers a comfortable energy environment. Sinanen evolves dynamically to respond to he environment of the future while reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the best combination of oil, liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, electricity, energy conservation and disaster prevention.
  • 2. Customers need not look elsewhere for solutions that improve energy procurement, use, and facilities via energy reduction, power conservation and disaster prevention. Sinanen will continue to grow to make the complete energy solutions we provide Japanese companies available to overseas subsidiaries as well.


  • 1. Create a corporate environment that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and achieves a comfortable energy environment.
  • 2. Deliver one-stop solutions to improve energy use.
  • 3. Drive technological innovation in oil, liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, electricity, energy conservation and disaster prevention that also creates a comfortable energy environment.

[ ManagementPhilosophy ]

  • 1. Solve energy-related problems to secure the well-being of people working in society.
  • 2. Maintain social justice based on compliance management (that emphasizes ethics and compliance).
  • 3. Be a complete energy solution company responsive to the environment of the future that handsomely rewards its stakeholders (customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders).