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Solution Business [Energy Solution Department]

Sinanen brings new solutions based on the concept of multiplication.

Recent re-use of nuclear power plants and surges in the prices of imported natural resources reveal an increasing need for “energy-saving, low-cost” proposals. Sinanen clarifies the complex cost structure surrounding energy costs to deliver customers a solution made of the best combination of electricity, gas and a variety of energies to multiply effects that create significant cost reductions.

Solution BusinessEnergy Solution Department

  • Support for reducing energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions
  • Support and consultation for all energy savings facility installations
  • Propose ESCO Project energy savings solution
  • Power sales

One-stop support for customers

Energy-Saving Solutions Resolve Multiple Issues

Our facility business covers lighting and air conditioning updates, power generation using gas, construction of cogeneration system and the like, addressing multiple energy-related issues.

  • Update and control of air conditioning
  • Use of LED lighting and
    electrodeless lamps to reduce electricity costs
  • Solar energy generation
  • Switch to PPS to reduce unit costs of power

Energy Savings Consults Tailored to Customer Needs

[Free energy savings diagnosis]

Sinanen diagnoses electricity use focusing on lighting and air conditioning facilities on site. We prepare a diagnostic report we use as a basis to advise customers and propose a solution to save energy and reduce energy costs.

[Flow of Diagnosis]

1. Submission of application for energy-savings diagnosis
Customer submits the Energy Savings Diagnosis Application Form together with an Electricity Rates Table of Past 2 Years, Facility Drawings and other pertinent information.
2. Undergo diagnosis and set schedule
Sinanen verifies the contents of the application, approves the request, and then makes arrangements with an expert advisor and adjusts the schedule.
3. Energy savings diagnosis (on-site inspection)
At the customer site, Sinanen conducts hearings, examines documents, and conducts a walk-through diagnosis and critique. (about 3 to 4 hours)
4. Energy savings diagnosis report
Results of the diagnosis are summarized and presented in a report. Implement energy saving measures based on the information in the report. * It takes about 1 month from the on-site inspection until results are reported.

[Leverage ESCO project and other subsidies]

We also create the optimal plan for the customer who wants to limit initial deployment costs as much as possible. All consultation necessary is provided based on customer needs.

[Energy management support]

We use the Energy Management System (EMS), power measurement data, and utility billing data to propose measures to reduce energy costs. We also control lighting and air conditioning facilities as well as suppress and control demand peak (maximum demand) power to prevent increases in electricity charges.