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Electricity Business [Power Promotion Department]

We provide customers stable power at a low cost that also utilizes renewable energy as a power producer and supplier (PPS).

In June 2013, Sinanen registered as a Power Producer and Supplier /PPS* and began to sell power within the jurisdiction of Tokyo Electric Power Company Incorporated (TEPCO) on February 1 of the following year. Since then, we have been building a sales network throughout Japan to deliver energy to as many customers as possible. Currently, we supply power to deregulated offices, factories, stores and other corporate customers with “Contract Power of 50 kW and Higher” as we gain experience distributing to local governments, government agencies and the like. Sinanen will also expand sales to customers with “Industrial Use Contract Power of less than 50 kW” upon the full deregulation of the electric power retail business due to begin in April 2016.

*PPS (Power Producer and Supplier: An enterprise other than a general electric utility that uses power company grids to supply power to customers targeted for deregulation)

Electricity BusinessPower Promotion Department

  • Power generation business
  • Power retailers

The Power Supply Chain

Electricity generated at our contracted power plants is delivered through the grid owned by general electric utilities to the customer.

PPS(Power Producer and Supplier)Business

Towards Supply of Renewable Energy

To supply power in an environmentally conscious way, we propose and plan power plants centered on renewable energies throughout Japan. Shizuoka Prefecture and Gunma prefecture are home to large-scale solar power plants, and construction of a carbon neutral biomass power plant is also in progress. We will continue to focus on development of power sources to provide customers safe and stable energy.

The Gunma Solar Park

The Izunokuni Solar park

To Resolve “Needing Help” with Electricity

Electricity rates and energy use have been the focus of increased attention since The Great East Japan Earthquake. Although there were some regional differences, frequent increases in electricity rates by general electric utilities were the single cause of undue pressure on management of corporate enterprises. We help resolve customer concerns by making appropriate suggestions that start with electricity use.

Track Record of Supply to Local Governments, Government Agencies and a Wide Range of Customers

A proven record of providing power to offices, factories, stores and other corporate customers as well as many public institutions is a statement to our company’s steady contribution to public service.