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Electricity Business

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Electricity Business

We engage in the electricity business throughout Japan by leveraging our expertise in developing environmentally friendly power sources and selling electricity. In addition, we provide electricity services unique to Sinanen in the rapidly changing electricity market by diversifying businesses such as maintenance of solar power generation systems.

Electricity Business

  • Development of renewable energy power plants
  • Electricity wholesale
  • Electricity retail
  • Electricity supply and demand management
  • Electricity customer management
  • Maintenance of solar power generation systems
  • Sale of solar power generation systems
Provide environmentally and customer friendly electricity
We stably supply environmentally friendly electricity to corporate customers such as factories, offices and stores, as well as local municipalities and public offices. In order to supply environmentally friendly electricity, we focus on the development of power sources centering on renewable energy. With multiple utility-scale solar power plants in operation, we will continue to actively develop power sources.
The Gunma Solar Park
The Gunma Solar Park
The Izunokuni Solar park
The Izunokuni Solar park

Track Record of Supply to Local Governments, Government Agencies and a Wide Range of Customers

A proven record of providing power to offices, factories, stores and other corporate customers as well as many public institutions is a statement to our company’s steady contribution to public service.

Provide services as a professional in solar power generation systems
Taiyoko Support Center Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinanen, offers maintenance services to solar power generation systems to ensure that solar power generation systems are kept in good operating condition. As a professional in solar power generation systems, the company protects customers’ important assets. In addition, the company sells “Ohisama Car Roof®,” a carport solar power generation system.